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lunedì 15 aprile 2013

broadway danny rose (usa, 1984)


For super 8 sound lovers, here is the complete feature, Broadway Danny Rose, released in 1984, and starring Woody Allen Nick Apollo Forte, Mia Farrow and many classic comics of days gone by, including Corbett Monica, Morty Gunty, Jackie Gayle, Sandy Baron, Wil Jordan, and more.  Included are also cameos by Milton Berle, Howard Cosell, and Joe Franklyn.  Filmed in and around New York City, you'll see the many scenes filmed at the famed Carnegie Deli.  Airline print is mounted on one 600' reel, and one 800' reel.  NOTE:  THIS IS A SUPER 8 OPTICAL SOUND PRINT, AND YOU WILL NEED A PROJECTOR SO EQUIPPED TO PLAYBACK OPTICAL SOUND, SUCH AS THE ELMO GS-1200, OR SIMILAR MODEL. If you are unsure as to whether or not your projector can playback optical sound prints, consult your product manual.

So,if you still enjoy the super 8 sound, you are sure to enjoy this hard-to-find feature in this format.  Images posted are of the very items that you'll be bidding on.

--- venduto a 90,86€ - aprile 2013 ---

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